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Hugh’s work, to excavate and repair a basement leak, was impeccable.  We have had no new reports of problems.  Hugh removed drywall, found the leak, took care of it, and resealed the leak from outside the home and inside, re-drywalling the basement.  His price is completely fair. In order to complete the work, Hugh had to work in the sleeting rain, excavating five feet of cold earth.  He was amazing.

Lisa & Troy Keller

Hugh and his crew were highly professional. They dug out the posts, poured the concrete and balanced out what could have been a very serious catastrophe. In addition, they installed and redirected my downspout system that allowed gallons of water to gather under the carport. And they installed a brand new downspout, redirecting the rain under our front porch.

D. Brown

These guys were great.  My roof-repair had some issue to say the least, and it is very difficult to identify what a project will cost before the project  begins.  I was informed during the whole process and SHOWN what was wrong with my own eyes.  Any normal person knows that anything rotted on a roof and not Fixed will cost double or triple I the future.

Toby J.

Roof Bosses!  I needed a new roof and skylight on an old 1927 DC Row Home. I took bids from 5 companies and read reviews at each. Very happy I went with enhanced. Tim came out gave me a quick estimate and the team worked very quickly.  The office team were/are great and Enhanced will be top of my list for some upcoming siding work.

Kevin F.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and patience. Joanna and I feel so truly fortunate to have you both on our team! You are the best and we certainly hope to see you both soon. Thank you!


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